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Seasons Changing

Summer has changed to fall. Temperatures are dropping, and wine drinkers are heading inside and looking for a glass to warm up with.  Currently, we are carrying 18 vineyards to select a warming red or great white for a mulled wine. Penoach has an apple wine we will be sampling during Gallery Night that is great warmed.

We are trying our hand at food and wine pairings. Our first pairing is red sauce & meatballs with a choice of three red wines.

Tabor Homes Iowa St. Croix is a full bodied red with a rich color. A varietal from their own vineyards. It holds it's own against this spicy combination.

Van Wijk's Calle 31 is a red table wine of a blend of varieties. From the website, bottle and brochure the varieties are not identified. It has a medium body. It's flavor comes through easily with this spicier dish. A good option for this pairing.

Wooden Wheel's Uncle Johnnie was selected as a sweeter option for diners. It pairs nicely with the red sauce & spices. I think this would be a great option for new wine drinkers.

My pick is the St. Croix by a thin margin. I am a sucker for Iowa grapes. Our next pairing will be cheese and fruit with both reds and whites for those cooler nights.

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